Family Run for Over 30 Years
In the News
The Nashua Telegraph May 10, 1977 -- Police here are awaiting the return of a Lowell, Massachusetts man, identified only as Mr. St. Louis, after he reported seeing a 10-foot-tall hairy monster Saturday night at the Hollis Flea Market...
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Hollis flea market owner inspired kids to do same
How many times do we find ourselves meandering around these seasonal mini-villages we call flea markets, soaking up the whimsy and wondering how cool it might be to own and operate one for a living?

Well, the easiest way is probably asking longtime Nashua resident Alice M. Prieto, who has finally called it quits after 30 seasons running the regionally famous Hollis Country Store and Flea Market...
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About the Flea Market
My parents Gil and Alice Prieto purchased the Hollis Flea Market August 29th 1976. When they purchased the market it had already been an operation since 1964. I John Prieto and my wife Jessica purchased and took over operation of the Hollis Flea Market this past year. There have been many rumors floating around about the sale of the flea market I have heard many of them myself all I can say is we love the flea market business and have no intention of developing it into anything else. We look forward to the next 31 years. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please let me know... John G. Prieto Thank you!

Where "One Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure"... Comes to Life!

Been putting off having a garage or yard sale because of all the hassles?

Or worse – you go to all the trouble and nobody comes?

Want thousands shoppers at your next Garage Sale? Forget the nightmares of placing expensive ads, sticking signs all over the neighborhood and having dozens of people stomping around your yard. We at the Hollis Flea Market attract hundreds and hundreds of shoppers every weekend and have been doing so for 30+ years! Clean out your attic and garage and sell those items here! You'll be surprised at how easy it is!

You know that old whatchamacallit you've got sitting around? Been wondering what its really worth? It could be worth a small fortune! Or not. There's only one way to find out. Bring it to the HOLLIS FLEA MARKET and get it appraised.

Get a verbal appraisal from one of the certified appraisers. Use our experts to help determine the age, authenticity and value of your treasure. Furniture, artwork, tableware, porcelain, clocks, whatever – just get it here for a verbal appraisal.

We are always looking for new appraisers if you feel you qualify please let us know

Dates of appraisals to be announced soon!
Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events!

Flea Market Hosted By: John Prieto and Family
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