Family Run for Over 30 Years
                                                                               The Hollis Flea Market is closed.                                                                                
The Largest and Oldest Running Flea Market in New Hampshire

Hollis Flea Market

After sixty years of vibrant activity and memories, it is with heavy, heavy hearts that we announce the closure of the Hollis & Silver Lake Flea Market.

Through the years, this became more than just a flea market, it has developed into a deep sense of local NH community. Where collectors and curious wanderers gathered on Sunday mornings to browse antiquities, unearth treasures, and exchange memories. We will miss all the smiling faces at the start of each new season, marking the end of a long winter and signaling brighter days ahead.

Built on tradition and family, our parents, Alice, and Gil Prieto, bought this landmark when they purchased the flea market in 1976 it had been in operation in some form since the mid 1960’s. Since then our family has continued its operations. In recent years, we have experienced significant struggles and challenges as many small, family-owned businesses can attest. With the ever-increasing difficulty in hiring and the incredible rate expenses have increased across the board it’s sadly no longer a viable business. While we have made every effort to make changes necessary to help alleviate these pressures, unfortunately, we find ourselves in a place where we cannot sustain this seasonal business any longer. So, we have made the extremely difficult decision to sell our beloved flea market. We have received many offers over the years, all of which we turned down as we intended to keep this legacy business going as long as possible.

As we close this chapter, we want to thank each and every one of you for your commitment, support, and dedication. To our vendors and loyal patrons, we wish you the best and share our warmest gratitude and appreciation for taking this journey with us. None of this would have been possible without you. We are forever grateful for your continued patronage, kind words, and unwavering support through the years. These are memories we will always cherish. We recognize this is the end of an era and deeply appreciate the legacy that each of you helped create

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Hollis Flea Market