Family Run for Over 30 Years
                                                                                Our last day of the season is Sunday Oct 31st, 2021.                                                                                
The Largest and Oldest Running Flea Market in New Hampshire
(Non scientific poll, only vote counted was from my Mom)
Our last day of the season is Sunday Oct 31st, 2021.

We are still required to follow all CDC/NH Covid-19 guidelines... so please wear your mask.
  • Everyone please practice 6- foot social distancing.
  • We have evaluated all of our vendor spaces and have adjusted our flow accordingly.
  • Areas of congestion will clearly be marked and again please adhere to 6- foot social distance spacing.
  • We have extended space between the cashier & customers with markings and a physical barrier.
  • Please ask dealers permission to touch their products
  • Employees will make a special effort to remind everyone to practice social distancing.
  • We will clean & disinfect high-touch surfaces regularly.
  • Hand sanitizer & related products will be available to customers and employees.
  • We truly thank all of our customers and workers… our focus is safety for all.
Don't Yard Sale... Flea Market!
Does your yard sale bring in 1,000's of shoppers, ours does!

Host your next group yard sale at the Flea Market!
Over 20+ acres, 1,000+ shoppers, hundreds of parking spaces, full concession stands, beer & wine, approximately 400 vendor spaces. We have so much foot traffic we need two Hollis police officers to direct street crossings.

*** Dealer Referral Program ***
If any current dealer brings or refers another dealer to us, they’ll receive 50% off one space. No limit on number of referrals.
Success Stories
“One of my best childhood memories is early Sunday mornings at the Hollis Flea Market with my family, collecting baseball cards, steamed hot dogs... makes me want to go there right now.”
– Toby Arsenault, 36, Lyndeborough NH.

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Family Friendly Fun
The Hollis Flea Market has a long-standing tradition of being the destination of choice for bargain hunters of all ages. In fact, we've been offering great deals on unusual and traditional merchandise longer than just about anyone. From one-of-a-kind things to new name-brand merchandise at HUGE SAVINGS, we've got something for everyone.

Looking for a new and unique way to sell your wares? With guaranteed crowds who come with the intent to spend money, you'll fast see why most of our "first-time" vendors become "life time vendors." Simply put, we'll help you earn some fast cash on things you've got around, or help you to sell items as a regular Hollis Flea Market vendor!

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