Family Run for Over 30 Years
                                                                               We plan to open Sunday April 16th 2023.                                                                                
The Largest and Oldest Running Flea Market in New Hampshire
(Non scientific poll, only vote counted was from my Mom)

Hollis Flea Market-2023

  • 443 Silver Lake Rd Hollis NH (use this address for GPS)
  • 603-465-7677
  • Opening Day April 16th, 2023-October 29, 2023
  • Open every Sunday weather permitting from 7am- 2pm (approximately)
  • Dogs are allowed (only on Silver Lake Flea Market side)
  • Parking is $3 per car.

Dealer Information:

  • Spaces are $35 each.
  • Arrive between 6am-7am
  • Spaces are approximately 12 feet by 20 feet and pull in and setup in front of your car (no reservations needed)
  • Spaces with traffic cones are seasonal rentals (see Nick Rowe for seasonal rates and locations), all others are first come first serve.
  • Bring your own tables or rent table and sawhorses for $3 each table.
  • Currently there are 3 indoor storage and rental spaces still available for 2023 (again see Nick Rowe for seasonal rates)

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Hollis Flea Market